All Songs Considered–Seriously

by amandajohogan913

It’s a known fact that I love all things NPR, and a lot of the music I post here is probably connected to them in some way. And today will be no different.

I’ve linked to different things on All Songs Considered before, but I’ve never spoken about what it is or what they do.

The NPR music division has many different elements, like Tiny Desk Concerts, and The Song of the Day. All Songs Considered is another branch of the tree.

There’s a 24 hour streaming music channel, which literally plays everything you can thing of. David Bowie, Beach House, strange chanting. Also there’s a podcast, a blog, and one of my favorites, live concerts for you to listen to.

Bob Boilen is the director of the program, and he does an amazing job.

Here is the link to the streaming music player…see what’s playing!