I Love The 80’s

by amandajohogan913

So this is a little bit of a digression from the stuff I usually post about. I like to devote time to covering local bands and shows but there aren’t very many local shows coming up that I can put my weight behind. However, There is a show, a bi-monthly show at that, that I can personally vouch for.

Twice a month The Intersection in downtown Grand Rapids throws a raucous throwback party with a live band covering all your favorite 80’s hits.

The show is broken up into two sets. The first showcases songs by hairbands like Poison and Cinderella, and the second gives you all of the David Bowie, Hall and Oates, and Michael Jackson you can handle.

It’s crazy, people dress up, and the beer is expensive. But, it’s still worth it.

The next one happens November 26th, and it’s $10 to get in. Come early so you can grab a table, that way you can take some time off between dances. It gets intensely sweaty.