On a Cloud of Sound

by amandajohogan913

Sometimes on Monday nights I hang out at a local joint called Billy’s to listen to dub-step. I prefer to go for 80’s nights, but sometimes I’m surprised by what I hear, and the locals truly love it.

If you’re into dub-step, or house music parading as dub-step, then you should take a trip over to Sound Cloud.

It’s another site that allows total user participation, and user creativity. You can upload songs that you’ve re-mixed and share music with others. Some of the tracks are available for free download.

You will find everything from The Beatles, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga in dub-step form.

Here is an interesting version of The Beatles Eleanor Rigby. While I prefer to leave the classics as they are, this gives you an idea of how far people can go to create something awesome.