Yes, I’m Really Posting This

by amandajohogan913

For the few, and I mean very few, people who read this blog, you probably don’t think I have a clear idea of what i want to say to you, so, I’m going to clarify right here: new music can be found in the most unexpected places, and in very expected places, you just have to be open. (Okay, this probably isn’t exactly what I meant.)

That said, I want to talk to you about a gazillion dollar book and movie franchise that caters to giggly, sad, little girls, but also churns out consistently awesome movie soundtracks with a diverse list of bands: Twilight. Oh, yeah.

the first soundtrack had a couple of songs that made my day, “Eyes on Fire” and Paramore’s “I Caught Myself,” while the rest was just fodder. (And by fodder I mean Linkin Park and other junk.)

The next two were fantastic and the most recently released soundtrack for Breaking Dawn features some great bands. I will mention that is not as great as the second and third, but hey, what do you expect.

These soundtracks do wonders for new acts or lesser known ones such as The Joy Formidable, whose song “Endtapes” off of the soundtrack I’ve included for your enjoyment.