Spotify-The Next Step

by amandajohogan913

There are a great many ways to discover music online, as we know. Some sites operate by using a generator to hep you find music that may be similar to your own tastes, by creating a web and showing you which sounds are the most similar, and the ones that are further away. Other sites allow you to create online play lists, and find music uploaded by other users.

I’ve recently discovered Spotify, which bridges together a lot of different elements to create a new listening experience. It’s a software, akin to iTunes and Windows Media Player. It accesses your files from your computer, so they are available to listen to, but also allows you to stream music, either found by searching or looking through lists of popular songs.

It also links up with your Facebook account, and lets you share music with friends.

Now, I consider myself somewhat of a traditionalist, in that I have an iTunes library and not much else. I downloaded Spotify to see if I could access a song by M83 that i couldn’t access anywhere else.

It’s worth checking out, for lovers of all types of music.