Lovedrug-New and Improved?

by amandajohogan913

I’ve been a longtime fan of Lovedrug, who seemingly fell of the radar in 2008 with the release of their third studio album The Sucker Punch Show. I’ve seen them twice in Grand Rapids, and they blew me away each time. However, I’d be lying if I said their recent releases have been stellar.

A classic example of their earlier, most amazing work, is the song that I initially fell in love with, “Blackout.” I promise you, it’s even more amazing live.

My lack of interest at their last two albums could stem from the fact that they replaced two of the original members, or because they worked with different producers, and experimented wit their sound.

Whatever the reason, I hope they are making a comeback (at least, in my eyes.) They have released two EP’s, and a third (Final EP III) to come out soon, all under the title “+/-.”

Here is the track getting the most buzz, “Dinosaur.” I haven’t decided my feelings on it yet, but check it out.