Coachella 2012?

by amandajohogan913

Coachella is the elusive gem of music festivals I have yet to acquire. Hidden away in the arid desert that is Indio California, a hundred or so bands gather amidst the palm trees to put on a show for those fortunate enough to be there. It always falls in April during finals week, so this year is out, but Coachella 2013, get ready.

Every band you’ve ever liked has probably played Coachella. Okay maybe not, but if you’re me, this definitely rings true. Last year Arcade Fire, The National, Beach House and so many others played the festival. I might have wept a little.

The 2012 lineup won’t be released until January, but I can still speculate about who will be attending, even though I won’t be.

If you’re like me, and can’t make it, Youtube will stream the festival live, although it’s hardly a compensation.