Lana DelRey

by amandajohogan913

I started following “Poking Smot” on Facebook, it’s a blog that updates daily with different videos and songs. They don’t follow a specific genre, so it’s a grab bag with what you’re going to post.  Despite the name, they actually deliver the goods. Today I scrolled through and landed on this gem from Lana Delrey titled “Video Games.”

I generally enjoy slower music, and this had such an ethereal, melancholy 60’s vibe, and DelRey’s voice is not unlike Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine–haunting, but soulful.

The video, included here, further commits to the 60’s feel with DelRey’s Brigitte Bardot inspired hairdo, and the old film clips.

Poking Smot has also included a remix of the song, which is excellent and worth a listen.