The Download 15

by amandajohogan913

Saturdays are for two things: Homework, and listening to new tunes via Sirius XMU’s Download 15, the 15 most downloaded tracks in the country, at least for that week.

I don’t have satellite radio, since the installation kit has been gathering dust on my desk for two Christmases. So, one way to discover new music is to see what other people are listenign to, i.e. the Download 15.

The program airs on Saturdays at noon, and the results are posted sometime within the week both on their Facebook, which I’ve linked to, and at another music blog, The Color Awesome. They actually include links to as many songs as possible, so you can either stream or download them.

This week’s list includes new Zola Jesus, which I’m always excited about. Here is the track “Seekir.”