October Indie Rock Playlist

by amandajohogan913

One way I like to discover new music is by checking out play list compilations from Indie Rock Playlists.  different groups put together lists each month, with up and coming artists and artists who are pretty well known. It’s a great way to listen new music!

Being a frequent listener of these playlists I’ve found plenty of bands this way, and one band to watch is Pepper Rabbit, who has a track featured here.

The first song I heard from them was “Older Brother”, a playful, cheery mood, but the lyrics struck definite melancholy chords. Nonetheless a beautiful mixture, and one of my favorites by the band.

Another one to check out is this one feature as NPR’s Song of the Day.

Most of the songs on the album continue in the same fashion, happy and reminiscent of sunshine and bubblegum, but dark in nature. I highly recommend picking up the album, Red Velvet Snowball,  released this past August.